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Simulation Exercises for Community Response Teams

Simulation Exercises for Community Response Teams


ARCS Disaster Management and Population Movement Department continues organizing community events within the framework of “Building Safe and Resilient Communities in the South Caucasus” project.

This time, Community Response (CR) Teams from 14 communities participated in a 4 stage simulation exercise. Participating CR Teams and stages are presented below:

  • First stage  - April 22: Pemzashen community with participation of Panik and Sarnakhbyur CR Teams;
  • Second stage - April 23: Keti community with participation of Mets Sepasar and Shirak CR Teams;
  • Third stage - April  25: Nor Kyank community with participation of Nor Kyanq, Aregnadem, Anushavan and Mets Mantash CR Teams;
  • Forth stage - April 26: Arapi community with participation of Arapi, Beniamin, Azatan and Kapsi CR Teams.

According to the Project Coordinator Nerses Martikyan, simulation exercises were conducted based on preliminary agreed scenario, where every CT should rescue at least 2 moderately injured victims (fractures, bleeding, etc.) Among simulation exercise activities are: examination of area, victim identification, first aid, crossing river, evacuation of victims and handing them to ambulance.

It is worth to mention that all CR Teams activities were coordinated by Shirak Regional Rescue Service with participation of “Lore” Rescue Team instructors.