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Regional Communication Workshop

Regional Communication Workshop


Red Cross Societies discussed Communication issues

On 4-8 February, Caucasus Regional Communication Workshop took place in Thaghkadzor, as a part of  Regional Programme for Building Safer Local Communities in South Caucasus.

25 representatives from Armenian and Georgian Red Cross Societies gathered to discuss Communication issues: effective strategic plans for National Societies, beneficiary communications, internal networks, SWOT analysis, social media usage skills, etc..

The facilitators, Thorir Gudmundsson and Jon Birgisson from Icelandic Red Cross Society, introduced their experience in the sphere and best practices, gave practical guidelines for specific cases, answered the questions of the participants.

During the workshop, it cleared out, that there are many similarities in Armenian and Georgian National Societies’ opportunities and difficulties.

After 5 day discussions and practical tasks, draft Communication strategy was developed and provided to both National Societies for further improvement and implementation.