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New tenders announced

New tenders announced

New tenders announced

On August 26, 2016 Armenian Climate Forum members have gathered at the ARCS Headquarters where three new tenders on “Implementation of Six Small-Scale Adaptation Projects”, “Development of Case Studies” and “Conduct Awareness Raising Activities Targeting Schools and Young People” have been announced. During the workshop participants have been presented with details of each tender and with all required documents that will allow them to apply for the specific LOTs.

It is worth to note that LOT 3 on “Implementation of Six Small-Scale Adaptation Projects” is based on the developed Local CCA Adaptation plans in Margahovit, Mets Parni communities of Lori region and Basen community of Shirak reigon. In this regard, all small scale projects as a part of will be implemented in the above mentioned communities Local CCA plans have been discussed with the local respective local communities and have been prioritized during community meetings. The other LOT, “Development of Case Studies” will be based on the results of the most successful small scale adaptation Project implemented in each community. Thus, the organization that will take over this LOT is supposed to work closely with organization implementing small scale adaptation Projects to identify lessons learned, the possibilities of transferring them to other contexts and identifying opportunities for how successful projects may be scaled up nationally and replicated.