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What we do
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Gratsia International Rehabilitation Center

    The main activity areas of the Center are treatment of marrow, spinal cord, musculoskeletal diseases, general and post-traumatic rehabilitation, patients’ vocational training, psychosocial rehabilitation and sanatorium-and-spa treatment.

    In the Center each patient with marrow and spinal cord injuries is individually treated and cared by a doctor, nurse, rehabilitation therapist, psychologist and sport trainer.

    The Center has broadened inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation services-diagnostics, hydropath, hydro massage, mud cure/peat cure, kinesiotherapy, physiotherapy procedures, medical and classical massage, electrotherapy, inhalation therapy, acupuncture, sport complex, stressologists’ room, “SKENAR” Department.

    During its activities about 13 000 patients from RA, CIS countries, from a number of European and Middle East countries have already received treatment and rehabilitation in the Center.

    During the year, 860 disabled people, 41 military personnel, including those wounded during Nagorno -Karabakh conflict escalation,  5 refugees, 10 policemen have been cured at the Center.

    Dispensary home visits are also made to the registered disabled patients with spinal cord and marrow traumas, providing them with medical assistance and examination.

    “Pharos” choir and “Kilikia” basketball team of the Center regularly participate in concerts and competitions organized for people with limited capacities in different countries and return with high appreciations.