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Smiley Club in “Megerian Carpet” factory

Smiley Club in “Megerian Carpet” factory

Smiley Club in “Megerian Carpet” factory

On Saturday, October 18th, another great event was organized for the children from Smiley Club. They visited “Megerian Carpet” factory which also includes a museum of ancient carpets. Children got acquainted with all the stages of making a real Armenian carpet. 

They learned how natural colors are made; they saw and tried themselves to make a carpet, they saw a 400-year-old carpet, they learned about a lot of tricks for making a high-quality carpet. The event was very engaging.

To the guide’s question “Shall we go on to the other rooms?” the answer was negative, since everybody was so attracted and engaged in making the knits of the carpet. Children asked a lot of questions, so it happened so that the excursion did not only comprise interesting facts about carpet-making history but also about overall Armenian culture, history, Armenian identity and national heritage.