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Photo Exhibition "They are waiting for us"

Photo Exhibition "They are waiting for us"

Photo Exhibition

On 9 April, at 16:00 Armenian Red Cross Society organized a photo exhibition titled "They are waiting for us ..." at "Moscow" Cinema hall.

The photos were presenting everyday life of lonely elderly people living at dormitories in order to draw public attention to their socio-economic, health and psychological problems, as well as make fundraising to provide support of about 70 elderly beneficiaries.

Donations can be made at the place or transferring on the following bank account: 115007000298 (AMD) "Armbusinessbank" CJSC (Abovyan 21/1, Yerevan, Armenia).

Since 1995 Armenian Red Cross Society implements “Psycho-social support for elderly Refugees” program. In the frame of this program Red Cross Youth volunteers regularly visit the elderly living in dormitories, help with housework, provide food parcels, organize birthdays, read newspapers and magazines for them, organize social and cultural events every month.