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International Volunteer Day

International Volunteer Day

 International Volunteer Day

Smile, good mood, excitement!!! On December 17, there was a warm and welcoming atmosphere at the Radisson Blu Hotel, as more than 100 volunteers gathered there to mark the International Volunteer Day, which is celebrated on December 5 in all over the world .This is a day of summing up the work done during the year, awarding the best ones, and celebrating the power of humanity once again.


Dear volunteers, throughout the year we are constantly monitoring your work, seeing how warmly you care for the elderly who live alone, how you interact with children living in dormitories, how you distribute humanitarian aid, teach and provide first aid,  distribute humanitarian values, conduct various courses, collect garbage, and do many other activities like that.

You come to us with your potential and willingness to help, and acquire new knowledge, experience and skills, and of course receive the gratitude and smiles of the people you help. Thanks to your dedication and unselfish work, our services are available for the most remote communities in our country. The qualities you display are exemplary for others, motivating them to join our large family and spread humanity and kindness.


Congratulations to you and us on this day, we wish you health, improvement and progress, new projects and success.