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1 June, "Giving smile to children"

1 June, "Giving smile to children"

1 June,

On 1 June, Armenian Red Cross Society in cooperation with “Dalma Garden Mall” shopping center organized “Giving smile to children” entertainment event for children living in dormitories of Yerevan.

On that day, from 10:30 to 17:30, 45 children aged 6 to14 y, spent at “Dalma Garden Mall” shopping center. Entertainment event started in the morning, by watching a cartoon in the “Cinema Star” hall. After that, in the special decorated pavilions in the different parts of the trade center, children participated in the puppet and circus performances, children's fashion show and communicated with the heroes of the tales.

On 23 May, until 1 June,  gifts and donations boxes were placed in the “Dalma Garden Mall” shopping center, to collect presents and money to support children living in dormitories engaged in the “Smiley Club” project.

The Austrian Red Cross currently funds “Smiley Club” project, in the frame of which, ARCS young volunteers conduct sessions on daily basis, support to prepare school lessons, organize various entertainment and sport events, summer tent camps for the 70 children from dormitories.