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Discussion of Home based care new model introduction

Discussion of Home based care new model introduction

Discussion of Home based care new model introduction

On 20 May, delegation comprised of Armenian and Swiss Red Cross Societies representatives had a meeting with Jemma Baghdasaryan, Deputy Minister of RA Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs. Armenian Red Cross Society and the Ministry have been cooperating for many years, by implementing joint projects aimed at improving the social protection sector.

The delegation members presented researches and studies conducted in the field of elderly issues, as well as the new model of home based care organization and future plans in this direction. Armenian Red Cross Society, with the support of Swiss Red Cross, is planning to introduce home based care for elderly in Armenia. The pilot program is intended to implement in Shirak and Lori regions.

Expressing gratitude for the warm welcome and commitment, Dr. Anna Yeghiazaryan, Armenian Red Cross Society Secretary General said:

- "Armenian Red Cross Society, as an auxiliary organization to the government in the humanitarian field, has been implementing wide activities in number of fields for many years, by mobilizing the power of humanity to support of vulnerable groups. Social Support and Health Care is one of our strategic directions, and now with the support of Swiss Red Cross, we plan to expand our activities in this area and introduce a new model of social health care in the communities. At this stage of planning the involvement of state structures is very important for us and we are thankful for the cooperation".

Mrs. Baghdasaryan, also thanked for the works done, expected support and useful information.

"The problems of the elderly are in the stage of improvement. The quality of provided serviced is being reviewed, new standards and approaches are being developed, as well as international practice is being applied. I am confident that as a result of future cooperation and joint work the process of organizing home care for the elderly will record a major success", she said.

Mrs. Rutschmann, Swiss Red Cross representative, ensured that the presented model will be introduced in accordance with the lifestyle and traditions of our country.

"Additional studies will be carried out before the start of the project, thoroughly evaluating the needs of beneficiaries and the quality of provided services. All staff members will be trained as appropriate new standards and tools will be developed. We are ready to make long-term investments, correcting the deficiencies in the field", said Mrs. Rutschmann.

Astghik Minasyan, Head of the Social Assistance Department, spoke about the process of introduction of integrated social services, social work, about development and the role of social workers institute, and about the importance of their active participation in the services provided.