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Termination of membership

Termination of membership

Termination of membership

Anna Yeghiazaryan's membership in the Armenian Red Cross Society was terminated on February 12, 2024 according to Decision No. 1 of the Presidium of the Yerevan Regional Branch of the Armenian Red Cross Society.
The termination of membership is based on violations of the Organization's Charter.
It is stated in the termination decision:
“Secretary General /Executive Director/ of the ARCS Anna Yeghiazaryan made statements that the Presidency is acting illegally, that is, Mkhitar Mnatsakanyan has no right to be the president of the Presidency, because he is not a member of the Presidency. The Presidency made a justified decision regarding the, which in no way contradicts the charter of the Society and RA legislation. Moreover, Anna Yeghiazaryan sent letters with the above-mentioned content to various departments of the Society.
At the same time, the powers of Anna Yeghiazaryan were terminated, and Artur Aristakesyan was appointed to the position of Secretary General by the decisions of the ARCS NGO Presidency dated 08.02.2024. On 08.02.2024, Artur Aristakesyan submitted the relevant decision to Anna Yeghiazaryan, which the latter refused to receive and in the meanwhile refused to implement the decision of the Presidency, that is to leave the position, apparently having committed criminally prosecuted acts.
Anna Yeghiazaryan, a member of the ARCS NGO, committed violations of the Society's charter, in particular:
According to sub-clause 18 of clause 7.3 of the Charter:
"Decisions of the Presidency are mandatory for all departments, institutions and commercial organizations of the ARCS".
In the meantime, pursuant to the charter there is an appeal institution, which the latter did not use, but instead engaged in behavior that is not appropriate for a member of the Society, moreover, for the former Secretary General /Executive Director/ of the Society.
The Society has clearly defined and stipulated a fundamental principle in clause 1.3 of its charter, that is, voluntarism, which implies that the Movement is not guided by any interest during its activity.
It should be noted that on 25.01.2024, Anna Yeghiazaryan submitted a letter to the Presidency of the ARCS, in which she nominated her candidacy for the position of president of the Presidency for the 28th electoral congress, and after the decision of the Presidency on dismissal, she did not comply with the requirements of the decision.
The above-mentioned facts show that Anna Yeghiazaryan intentionally violates the good reputation of the Presidency, accuses it of illegal actions by not using the opportunities provided by RA legislation, does not implement the decision made by the Presidency and does not obey the Society's Charter, which leads to the consequences stipulated by sub-clause "գ" of clause 6.7 and sub-clause "հ" of clause 7.6 of the Charter.
The latter is engaged in violating the good reputation of the Presidency and her self-interest, that is, her great desire to become the president of the Presidency. Former Executive Director/Secretary General Anna Yeghiazaryan has grossly violated the requirements sub-clause "դ" of the clause 7.6 and sub-clause 18 of clause 7.3 of the Charter. Instead of serving as an example, observing the rules of conduct, exercising the powers assigned to her by the law and the charter, fulfilling her obligations, unconditionally following the decisions of the Presidency, and in case of disagreement, disputing it in accordance with the law, by violating the requirement of sub-clause 18 of clause 7.3 of the Charter, committed gross violations of the Charter”.