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Statement on the illegality of the General Assembly

Statement on the illegality of the General Assembly

Statement on the illegality of the General Assembly



By the decision of the Presidium of the Armenian Red Cross Society public organization (hereinafter -ARCS) dated 02/08/2024 No. 141/2, the ARCS Presidium, by a reasoned decision, rejected the application submitted by an unknown initiative group "to convene an extraordinary congress", which was not appealed by any person in accordance with the procedure established by the legislation of the Republic of Armenia.

Moreover, the organization of the collection of signatures for the extraordinary congress was carried out with violations, there was not the necessary number of signatures to satisfy the application for an extraordinary congress, and there are reasonable suspicions that criminally prosecuted acts were committed, in connection with which relevant reports were submitted and checks are being carried out in the organization.

At the same time, the ARCS Presidency convened the Annual Assembly on 04/08/2024 in order to fulfill the duties defined by the charter, in connection with which preparatory activities are being carried out.

Nevertheless, on 02/15/2024, without a corresponding decision of the Presidium, with gross violations of the norms enshrined in the charter, moreover, with the admission of criminally punishable acts, some impostors hold a meeting called the extraordinary congress of the NGO ARCS.

In connection with the above, the ARCS Presidium condemns the illegal actions of self-proclaimed individuals and




The ARCS Presidency and ARCS members did not convene an extraordinary congress, and the impostors have absolutely nothing to do with the presidency and the holding of an extraordinary ARCS congress.

The ARCS Presidency appeals to the Agency of the State Register of Legal Entities of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Armenia and all competent authorities to take this statement into account.

The ARCS Presidency appeals to law enforcement agencies to immediately initiate criminal proceedings and punish offenders.