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Sewing Machines for Syrian Armenians

Sewing Machines for Syrian Armenians

Sewing Machines for Syrian Armenians

Today, in Armenian Red Cross Society distribution of tool kits was started in the frames of the third phase of the “Income Generating” component of the project funded by UNHCR.

Since the beginning of the year, around 85 Syrian Armenians and other citizens, who had found asylum in Armenia, have already received the necessary tool kits for the establishment or development of their family businesses, such as hairdressing, cooking, jewelry, car repair and other work areas. Today 12 displaced families were given sewing and overlock machines, for the production and repair of the cloths. Tools for future distributions will include cooking supplies, car repair tools, jewelry suppliesand computers for the use of design, vehicle diagnostics and other industries. The third phase is expected to provide tool kits for about 80 families.