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New initiatives for children of Tavush

New initiatives for children of Tavush

New initiatives for children of Tavush

Armenian Red Cross Society, having defined the Branch Development as a priority, started new initiatives in Tavush in May, 2017, as it is border Region, and more vulnerable for that reason.  The initiatives target mainly children.

ARCS Tavush regional branch is implementing Child Resilience psycho-social support program in Ijevan, Dilijan, Noyemberyan and Berd. In 2017 it has been implemented with 15 volunteers for 120 children and adolescents aged between 8 and 14 in various communities of the region. ARCS volunteers, obtained appropriate knowledge and skills through trainings, conduct eight lessons for children, discussing their rights and needs, what is violence and how to avoid it, their role in social life of their community. Creating friendly and trusting environment for children, volunteers, also contribute to the overall development of children, their ability to communicate with peers and adults, make them bolder, develop tolerance and promote constructive approaches to the problems.


In addition to the courses, children participate in excursions and interesting events organized for them.


    “This was my first experience, and it was a great pleasure to work with children. At the training sessions you feel and realize, how deep their inner world is and how far they can reach. They express so interesting ideas and pay attention to such kind of things, which we would never notice or think on.  They fill my day with innocent sincere smiles and warmness. Not only we teach them something, but we learn a lot from them ourselves”, said Ani Barkhudaryan, Volunteer.  


These kind of initiatives aim at developing Tavush Regional Branch volunteer potential, involve new volunteers and strengthen their capacities, thus contributing to the broadening of the Branch activities.