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Empowerment of people with TB programme

Empowerment of people with TB programme

Empowerment of people with TB programme

Funding:  Eli Lilly and Company, International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent

Implementation: Kotayq Region

Goal: To decrease the vulnerability of patients towards MDR TB

Target groups:  Multi drag resistant tuberculosis patients in the continuation phase of treatment

Duration:  November 1st, 2014 - October 30th 2016

Within the frames of “Empowerment of people with TB” programme  TB patients registered in the Kotayq region in the frames of organized TB clubs were provided with psycho-social support, education-dissemination.

The objectives of the project

1.Develop educational materials on human rights, health as a public good, stigma and discrimination, TB prevention and treatment. 
2.Organize trainings for TB affected people with the support and  participation of community health workers. 
3.Prepare candidates from the most active patients for participation in working groups on TB policy development. 
4.Set up TB clubs.
5.Moderate periodical meetings in TB clubs with the involvement of psychologist to decrease stigma and discrimination. 
6.Establish "close" groups/ forums for TB affected people to communicate in different social networks 
7.Set up a tradition of celebrating "second birthdays" of patients after the successful long term (more than a year) treatment. 
8.Celebrate World TB day region wide (including villages, cities) with the active participation of community members and involvement of mass media.