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Weapon Contamination 2023 Project

Weapon Contamination 2023 Project

Weapon Contamination 2023 Project

Donor Organization – International Committee of Red Cross (ICRC)

Implementing Organization – Armenian Red Cross Society (ARCS)

Period – January 2023 – December 2023

Geography of Implementation – RA Vayots dzor, Syuniq, Tavush and Gegharquniq marzes

Project Objective

The target population living in conflict affected communities of bordring regions is aware of the risks posed by the presence of weapons, understands how to adopt safer behavior, and prepares
for the possibility of weapon-related events through RASB sessions.

Project Outputs

1. The ARCS is capable to respond to threat of weapon contamination by applying knowledge gained to ARCS activities. 
2. Number of ARCS staff and volunteers will be trained on RASB methodologies.
3. Educating 4,715 beneficiaries in conflict-affected communities about the dangers of mines, explosive remnants of war, shelling and shooting.

Target groups of the project

The target groups of the project are the population of border communities of Vayots Dzor,
Syunik, Tavush and Gegharquniq marzes of RA.