Red Plus

Refugee reception and integration



Armenian Red Cross Society works closely with UNHCR to help achieve the following three priority areas:


to improve reception conditions for asylum-seekers;

to increase community empowerment, self-reliance and local integration;

to meet the needs of persons with special needs





Reception of asylum-seekers


Border monitoring


ARCS conducts:


  • monthly monitoring of the border crossing points in Syunik, Shirak and Tavush provinces through its regional branch offices.
  • carries out regular monitoring visits to the Zvartnots international airport, including its holding facility, and through its regional office, the Gyumri airport.


Information, orientation and counseling


ARCS organizes:


  • group and individual information/orientation sessions for newly-arrived asylum-seekers living in the reception centre and private homes,
  • monthly information sessions for asylum-seekers accommodated at the reception centre. It maintains and updates the information board at the reception centre,
  • Armenian language courses for refugees and asylum-seekers on first-come first-serve basis,
  • and  provides employment counseling and advice to asylum-seekers living in the reception centre and private homes.


Community outreach




  • carries out weekly visits to the reception centre for asylum-seekers,
  • provides one-to-one counseling with each resident of the reception centre.
  • organizes regular reach out activities for asylum-seekers residing in private accommodation throughout Yerevan.


Community empowerment, self reliance and local integration


  • ARCS provides information, advice and counseling to newly-recognized refugees to help them integrate into Armenian society. Areas covered include housing, employment, health, education and social protection.
  • ARCS organizes first aid training for the asylum-seekers in the reception centre and the residents of Darbnik and other communal centers.
  • ARCS organizes HIV/AIDS and TB awareness-raising sessions for refugee communities throughout Armenia.
  • ARCS assists refugees in job search and placement through established government programs such as the Vocational and Education Training (VET) implemented by SESA and/or private recruitment services.
  • ARCS identify and support at least 54 refugee women with income-generating activities (i.e. purchasing sewing machine, agricultural tools, etc).
  • ARCS helps develop income-generating opportunities for up to for 34 vulnerable elderly and disabled refugees by providing them with tools and equipment.


Persons with special needs


ARCS provides:

  • disability related aids (mobility aids, prosthesis, hearing devices, etc.) for the neediest refugees with disabilities,
  • newly recognized refugees with one-time assistance in the form of non-food/household items (cooking utensils, bedclothes, etc),
  • refugee women and girls with sanitary napkins.
  • one-time winterization assistance for new asylum-seekers and refugees according to eligibility criteria and distribution modalities agreed with UNHCR.
  • one-time emergency cash assistance to refugees and asylum-seekers facing a particularly serious hardship.
  • transportation allowance to the most needy refugees and asylum-seekers based on eligibility criteria agreed with UNHCR.


ARCS established a children’s corner at the Reception Centre,


Protection of Children


ARCS provides:

  • diapers and food to children under age of 2,
  • baby carriages to newborn children
  • clothes and shoes to children under 18
  • school accessories to school age children.


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