Population Movement


The Population Movement direction of the Armenian Red Cross is providing asylum seekers and refugees in RA with basic legal counseling,  psychosocial assistance and advocacy. The direction is also implementing regular border monitoring,   and is involved in activities aimed at integration of refugees, as well as prevention and fighting against  Sex and Gender based violence in RA.


The Project seeks to address the following priority areas for UNHCR in Armenia during 2015 (i) to improve reception conditions for asylum-seekers; (ii) to increase self-reliance and local integration; (iii) prevention and response to SGBV.


Reception conditions for asylum-seekers

Armenian Red Cross Society (ARCS) together with its psychologist regularly  visits the reception center and  provides to the residents both one-to-one and group information and counseling


Income Generation Component

ARCS will grant with toolkits to those refugees/refugee-like PoCs who want to start up a business and have lack of tools.. ARCS is organizing  business start-up training for potential entrepreneurs.  


Border monitoring and capacity building of border officials

ARCS representatives will conduct monthly monitoring and assistance visits jointly with UNHCR to border crossing points (BCP) and airports, conduct interviews with detained potential asylum-seekers at BCPs, identify protection risks and needs to provide appropriate response to humanitarian needs of detained asylum-seekers at borders


Prevention and response to SGBV; provision of psychological support

In order to increase the prevention and quality response to SGBV, ARCS carries out trainings , working group meetings and information sessions for implementation partners


Psychological counselling and support

ARCS two part-time psychologists will take referrals and provide psychological support to SGBV survivors, as well as those with PTSD (Post traumatic stress disorder) survivors who may require more regular psychological support. 

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