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Syrian-Armenian Children’s Resilience program in Armenia

Since 2014, ARCS has been implementing Syrian-Armenian Children’s Resilience program in Armenia, which aims at promoting the integration and resilience of Syrian-Armenian children. During 2014-2016, the program reached about 480 Syrian-Armenian children at 25 schools in Yerevan. AS the program continues, it will target more 100 children. The axis of the program is the 20 thematic workshops /taking place once a week for 6 months duration/ at schools for groups of children. The workshops are developed by the IFRC and Save the children and include discussions/sessions led by up young volunteers for groups of children on challenges, war, violence and ways of overcoming it, friendship and many other. During the program the children also participate in the cultural events, such as visits to museums, theatres, sights, etc. and organize community events /tree planting, gardening, info campaigns, etc./ At the end of the program, a summer camp is organized for the children. The program is supported by the Danish Red Cross. 

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