Red Plus


Starting from January 2015 the Armenian Red Cross Society has been implementing “Climate Forum East II” Project, financed by the European Union. Additional funding is provided by the Austrian Development Agency and Austrian Red Cross Society. The Project is implemented in 6 Eastern Partnership countries. The duration of the Project is from January 2015 to June 2017.


The main objective of the Project is to contribute to Civil Society's participation in domestic policies and civic engagement as well as to increase capacity of 6 existing national CSO Climate Change Adaptation Networks and individual CSO network members to contribute to national and local policy making processes, public awareness raising and education on climate change and environmental governance in the Eastern Neighborhood region.


ER 1: Capacities of 6 CSO Networks and individual CSO network members strengthened through tailored CSO capacity development programs in the areas of leadership, resource mobilization and communication.  


ER 2: CSOs have increased capacity in developing local CCA action plans through multi-stakeholder dialogue and implemented community-led projects for evidence-based local and national advocacy.


ER 3: National CSO networks have increased their impact in influencing national policy dialogue in climate change and environmental governance, reaching out to and mobilizing youth and raising public awareness on climate related topics.  


ER 4: Capacities of 6 CSO networks and individual CSO network members increased by sharing practical climate change and environmental governance knowledge and experience regionally.


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